Top 10 Insanely Luxurious Gifts Guide For Men

Insanely Luxurious Gifts Guide For Men

With festive season on the way, it’s time to spoil your loved ones with unique gifts that become a lifetime moment for them. Gifts need to be really special and thoughtful if the person at receiving end holds an exceptional place on your life. With all your love and affection, treat the men on your list with gifts that they most deserve. If you have piles of cash stacked in your lockers, then it’s time to lose your budgets and splurge on expensive holiday gifts for them.

Take A Look At The Top 10 Luxurious Gifts For Men:

Long Island, South Carolina – $29 million

This can be the best gift ever that you can give to your better half in case you have unlimited budget. This 4,600 acre piece of complete island that has 147 acres of ground is undeveloped and has been put on sale. You can spend quality time here with your beau away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and can also develop the part of the island in anything that appeals to you.

Long Island, South Carolina

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – $4.7 million

Cars are undoubtedly a man’s second love and gifting him a pricey set of wheels would surely increase his love for you. The company has come up with very limited editions of Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, only 9. So if you are interested in this gift, you need to hurry for your piece of cake, else just admire its beauty.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Porsche Design Advent Calendar – $1,000,000

This festive timetable will bring million dollar smile on your partner’s face as it is a very exquisite and out-of-the- world art installation made of aluminium. This beauty comes with many rewards for you including a gold sunglasses, a chronograph watch, a lambskin jacket, a luxurious yacht and much more. The company has only five limited editions of this exclusive calendar with one for every continent. Let’s see if you are lucky enough to get it.

Porsche Design Advent Calendar

A Space Trip in Virgin Galactic – $200,000

Surprise the love of your life with a very different experience, which he probably would have never even dreamt of and that is in the form of a commercial voyage to space. The only drawback with this incredible gift is its redemption that can be done only after two years because the voyage will take place at that time. But you can make the bookings for this exotic space escapade as there are limited seats available right now.

A Space Trip in Virgin Galactic

Zafirro Razor – $100,000

Being a very classy and exclusive razor in the world, it can be gifted to your life partner if you have millions in your pocket. You can make his shaving experience valuable with this unique razor that uses artificial sapphire blades instead of normal stainless steel ones. It features iridium handle that is very stylish and fashionable. The stainless steel cartridge gives an elegant look to this unit. Only 99 pieces have been manufactured by the company till now, so you need to hurry up in case you are interested in this entity.

Zaffiro Razor

Dream Folly Fantasy Tent – $75,000

Many adventurous people would have enjoyed camping along with facing numerous hardships, but have you ever thought of making a different move and going for a luxurious camping with your near & dear ones. Neiman Marcus has come up with a great idea of a lavish tent that has a diameter of 18 feet and is furnished with expensive lifestyle items and goodies. A crystal chandelier designed by Julie Neill is icing on the cake.

Dream Folly Fantasy Tent

Vilebrequin Quadski – $50,000

This fashionable and adventurous vehicle will set the mood of your companion really high as it makes your journey very exciting from water to land in just few seconds. The stylish prints add to the beauty of the vehicle. Featuring a 1300cc BMW engine with speed up to 45mph, Vilebrequin Quadski is first choice of many people.

Vilebrequin Quadski

Goldsmith Jack Row Pen – $43,500

This is a dream pen for those who love luxury as it features Islamic design and has contemporary architecture. The exterior as well as the interior of this fabulous writing device would appeal to everyone. The outer body of the pen is in white gold with diamonds (0.90 carat) embedded on it. The inner area is rhodium plated and has nib that is 18 carat yellow gold.

Goldsmith Jack Row Pen

Fonderie 47 Designer Cufflinks – $32,659

These cufflinks are designed by Roland Iten and are very expensive. The metal used to make these cufflinks is taken from AK-47 that were recovered from Africa. They possess a very stylish design and can be doubled for bracelets.

Fonderie 47 Designer Cufflinks

Gold Shoelaces designed by Mr. Kennedy – $19,000

Anyone would fall in love with these shoelaces at first sight as they tend to attract you with their glittering looks. Their exclusive edition includes only 10 shoelaces. Hurry up and grab your pair to see your partner’s designer sneakers look more stylish and trendy.

Gold Shoelaces designed by Mr. Kennedy

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