10 Most Expensive Bed Sheets In The World


Bed Sheets

Luxurious bed sheets made from one hundred percent natural fibers are the bed linen of choice for the rich and the famous. Expensive bed sheets unlike ordinary bed linen are generally made from high grade natural fibers like long staple Egyptian cotton. Most of the luxurious bed linen in the world boast of higher thread count, medium weight and have a unique napped texture. Some super expensive bed sheets are made by weaving one hundred percent cotton fibers with silk threads to create a softer and more luxurious texture. The most expensive bed sheet in the world, which is made individually to client specifications, can cost approximately $ 2,400. To know more about the most expensive bed sheets in the world, simply visit the link given below.

Therichest – 10 Most Expensive Bed Sheets In The World


Lakshmi Unny Nair