10 Most Expensive Caskets In The World



Some people like to be buried in great style. A casket or a funerary box is traditionally crafted from wood. However, the rich and the famous like their caskets or coffins to be extra special. While an average casket will set you back by less than two thousand dollars, the really expensive caskets will sport price tags upwards of five thousand dollars. Unlike traditional caskets, the really expensive coffins may have copper or bronze coating all around. Some caskets are even plated with 24 carat gold. However, the most expensive casket in the world which was made for Zsa Zsa Gabor cost a whopping amount of USD 40,000. To know more about the most expensive caskets in the world, visit the link given below.

Therichest – 10 Most Expensive Caskets In The World


Lakshmi Unny Nair