10 Most Expensive Colognes for Men

Most Expensive Colognes for Men

For people who want to know how much the world’s super rich men spend on colognes, the website Incredible Diary has compiled a list of ten most expensive colognes for men. The most expensive colognes’ list is dominated by Clive Christian perfumes. The list is headed by the $2,350 Clive Christian No. 1, a cologne that combines sweet floral fragrance with a masculine smell. Only if you are a super rich spender you can afford to use this awesome cologne. Other expensive men’s colognes include Ambre Topkapi with its refreshing blend of fruity and spicy fragrances. Priced at $610 it is one of the best colognes for affluent men.

Incrediblediary – 10 Most Expensive Colognes for Men