10 Most Expensive Espresso Machines In The World

Espresso Machines

Most coffee lovers have an espresso machine at home. Although a number of coffee connoisseurs still like coffee made in the old style, for the busy bees who do not have the time to roast and ground their own coffee beans, the ‘quick coffee’ or espresso is the best choice. Super rich espresso lovers do not have any qualms about investing hefty amounts on the best quality espresso machine. Hence, the espresso machine is one of the most expensive gadgets in multi millionaire homes. The world’s most expensive espresso machine is the Van Der Westen Speedster. Only 400 units of the $20,000 espresso machine are produced every year. To know about other ridiculously expensive espresso machines, visit the following link.

Therichest – 10 Most Expensive Espresso Machines In The World