Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts For Women

Most Expensive Gifts For Women

Show your loved ones that you care for them by giving them valuable gifts that they remember for lifetime. Gifts are a great way to tell your beloved how much you love or appreciate them in your life. They make your bond stronger and bring you close with your near & dears. When you plan to gift something to your wife, girlfriend, mother or any other female in your relation, you must think twice about the gift so that she can cherish the gift as well as those moments forever. If budget is not an issue, then there are variety of things that you can gift her and see that beautiful smile on her face.

Take A Look At The Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts That You Can Give To Women:

Project Utopia – $155.98+ million

Spending holiday on this 11-storey floating island is the most expensive gift that you can give to the love of your life. The shape of this unique island is similar to an alien craft but undoubtedly it is for the residents of Earth. You can find several helipads here along with a docking station for smaller boats. The 360 degree views from this place will give you a lifetime experience.

Project Utopia

Wristwatch – $25 million

Make your loved ones’ wrist more attractive by gifting her Chopard’s timepiece that is worth $25 million. Three heart shaped diamonds (pink-15 carat, blue-12 carat & white-11 carat) along with 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds are sophisticatedly adorned in this watch. This expensive gift is sure to please your lady love.


Blue Diamond Ring – $16.26 million

This diamond ring by Chopard can be gifted to your love on any special occasion. An enormous blue diamond weighing 9 carats is encrusted with two other diamonds on its shoulders on either side. The band of the ring is made in white gold and has few small diamonds adorned to it. If this ring fits your budget, then you will definitely see a big smile on loved ones’ face.

Blue Diamond Ring

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra – $2.5 million

This is a perfect gift for your partner which is truly sent from heaven. This fantasy bra will be a very unique gift for her that she will remember for lifetime. It features 18 carat white and yellow gold along with 142 carat diamonds and other precious gems.

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

Mobile Phone- $2.4 million

If you want your beloved carries your gift with her all the time, then this unique mobile phone “iPhone 3G Kings Button” is perfect for her. Peter Aloisson, an Austrian jeweller has developed this luxurious mobile phone which is integrated with beautiful diamonds and white gold. He used 6.6 carat diamonds on its home button that makes this device very attractive. You can also find a thin line of white gold along with small diamonds on every corner of this unit.

Mobile Phone

Abramovich’s Gigayacht Eclipse – $2 million per week

If you are looking for a luxurious holiday experience then rent this amazing Gigayacht Eclipse for having a stupendously great time with your near ones. This luxury Yacht worth $485 million is purchased by none other than Roman Abramovich. You have to pay $2 million in advance to enjoy a vacation of full one week in this place which is heaven on Earth.

Abramovich’s Gigayacht Eclipse

Kitchen Fitted by Marazzi Design – $463,625

A well-fitted kitchen in your luxurious mansion is what every female wants. So this time you can make the most of this opportunity and please her by giving a unique gift in the form of expensive fitted kitchen. A UK based firm Marazzi Design is very popular for their deluxe kitchens that are fitted with super-expensive equipment.

Kitchen fitted by Marazzi Design

Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana – $383,609

This stunning pair of Dolce & Gabbana’s sunglasses will surely raise your gifting budget. A gold frame with bling & brown tinted glasses makes it the most expensive sunglasses in the world. Women go crazy for them and your lady will surely love you all the more with this gift.

Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana

Perfume – $215,000

People having no limit over their gifting budget can give their lady, world’s most expensive perfume “Imperial Majesty” by British designer Clive Christian. This queen bottle has its collar made of 18 carat gold with a 5 carat diamond studded on it. Till now, only five bottles have been made of this exotic perfume and it is completely worth your money.


Teddy Bear – $71,500

Women of all ages are crazy for teddy bears as they tend to form a special bond with them. Steiff’s first ever teddy bear was made on the occasion of their 125th anniversary. The special features of this unique teddy bear includes mouth of solid gold, fur of gold threads and eyes of sapphires & diamonds. The company has made only 125 pieces of this golden bear.

Teddy Bear

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