10 Most Expensive Home Stereo Systems

Home Stereo Systems

If you are a billionaire music lover or an enthusiast audiophile who do not have any qualms about spending huge amounts on a home music system, you will opt for the most expensive of the lot.  When we speak about the world’s most expensive stereos, they are not the high end premium sound systems priced around $200 to $500, available in most of the electronic stores. Buying one of the world’s most expensive home stereos will make you poorer by hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you can afford to spend millions of dollars on home sound systems, you have five choices – the $1 million Kharma Grand Enigma, Goldmund Epilogue Signature Audio System and Moon Audio’s Dark Star Opulence, the $2 million Transmission Audio Ultimate and the $6 million Kipnis’ Outer Limit Theater.

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