10 Most Expensive Salts In The World


Expensive Salts

The oldest and most omnipresent food seasoning in the world, common salt is actually more expensive than what you may have imagined previously. A white crystalline substance which is normally used for food seasoning and preservation, salt is produced by the slow evaporation of water from the sea or from salt water lakes. Salt which is primarily composed of two elements namely sodium and chlorine has been used since the beginning of time to give a lot of depth to dishes and to accentuate food flavors. The most expensive types of salt in the world can cost anywhere between USD 13 to USD 38 for a small one and a half ounce jar. To know more about the most expensive salt in the world, visit the link mentioned below.

Mostcostly – 10 Most Expensive Salts In The World


Lakshmi Unny Nair