10 Most Expensive Teddy Bears in the World


Teddy Bears

The teddy bear is the world’s most popular soft toy. This iconic toy, which received its name from the US President Theodore Roosevelt, is present in almost every home. Although the soft toys readily available in almost every toy store are affordable, the toy bear cubs produced in the early 20th century are currently popular collectors’ items, boasting of exorbitant price tags. The rare teddy bears can easily fetch over $100,000 at the auctions. For instance a cuddly teddy produced by Richard Steiff in Germany in 1926 was sold at the auction in Germany for over £101,000. A black teddy mourning the Titanic tragedy created in 1912 fetched £91,750 at the auction. The most expensive teddy bear till date is a limited edition Louis Vuitton bear sold for £130,190. To know more about the world’s most expensive teddy bears, follow the link given below.

Mibepa – 10 Most Expensive Teddy Bears in the World