The Top 10 Most Expensive Women’s Shoes


Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Shoes hold a magical sway over women, a connection that no man can severe. Shoes represent so much more than something that goes on your feet for a woman. A woman’s shoes are a reflection of who she is, her likes, dislikes, what makes her tick. To a woman, shoes are a part of her identity and a daily reminder of who she is. But even all this will not prepare you for the shocking prices of these shoes. So brace yourself and get ready for most expensive women’s shoes in the world. Let us start from the bottom of the list.

Diamond Dream Stilettos- US $500,00

At number 10 is this outrageous diamond studded pair of stilettos from Stuart Weitzman designed in collaboration with Kwiat (you will be hearing more of him as you read this list). The Diamond Dream Stilettos is studded with, believe it or not, 1420 diamonds all placed beautifully around the ankles. This pair of stilettos was worn by Anika Noni at the 2007 Academy Awards.

Diamond Dream Stilettos

Original ‘Ruby Slippers’- US $612,000

From the classic movie the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers have always appealed to women. Only a few of the original Ruby Slippers are in circulation. The shoes themselves are a pretty picture and especially appealing if you love sequins and vintage shoes.

Original Ruby Slippers

Marilyn Monroe Shoes- US $1 million

Another stunning creation from Stuart Weitzman using Swarovski crystals, this pair of shoes was inspired by Marilyn Monroe famous earrings. These shoes were worn by Regina King at the 2005 Oscars when she was nominated for the movie “Ray”.

Marilyn Monroe Shoes

Retro Rose Pumps- US $1 million

Yet another work of art from the house of Stuart Weitzman (I told you there will be of him). These pumps are a classic design using a T-strap and 1800 Kwiat diamonds in the form of elegant roses placed at the toes. These roses are what sets this pair apart from other similar designs.

Retro Rose Pumps

Platinum Guild Stilettos- US $1.09 million

Again by Stuart Weitzman, this pair has platinum fabric straps studded 464 Kwait diamonds held together with real platinum threads. Kwiat also seems out to make a statement with Weitzman’s diamond studded shoes. A unique feature of this pair is that the diamonds can also be removed easily if needed for more informal settings. The Platinum Guild Stilettos were worn by Laura Harring on the eve of the 2004 Oscars.

Platinum Guild Stilettos

Stuart Weitzman’s ‘Ruby Slippers’- US $1.6 million

Taking inspiration from the original ‘Ruby Slippers’ of Wizard of Oz, Stuart Weitzman came out with his version of the shoes. This pair is as stunning as it looks with cherry red insoles. It is made from 642 oval and round Burmese rubies weighing over 123 carats embedded in red satin. These heels were unveiled in 2003 at Harrods, London.

Stuart Weitzman ‘Ruby Slippers’

Cinderella Slippers- US $2 million

Inspired by the classic fairy tale Cinderella and designed by, you guessed it right, Stuart Weitzman again. This pair of slippers is extravagant enough to make anyone feel like a fairy tale princess. Made using 565 Kwiat diamonds set into platinum straps, makes this pair one to die for. It was worn by Allison Krauss at the 2004 Oscars.

Cinderella Slippers

Tanzanite Heels- US $2 million

This gorgeous pair of heels is a result of a collaboration of two artistic geniuses- Stuart Weitzman (yes!) and jewellery designer Eddie Le Vian. This pair is made of silver leather and tanzanite stones and diamonds. The highlight of this pair is the ankle strap which is fashioned like a necklace using 200 carats of Tanzanite stones and 16 carats of other stones. The front strap uses 28 carats of diamonds. This pair hasn’t been shown off on the red carpet yet; it is still awaiting its turn.

Tanzanite Heels

Ruby Slippers- US $3 million

There seems to a lot of Ruby Slippers going around in the high end shoes circle; Dorothy sure made an impression. This pair was created by Ronald Winston using 4600 rubies and 50 carats worth diamonds. Ronald Winston dedicated 2 months to complete this little baby. Once ready, it was unveiled at the “House of Harry Winston” with a shocking price tag- Only US $3 million.

Ruby Slippers

Rita Hayworth Heels- US $3 million

Guess whose shoes made the top of the list. Stuart Weitzman, no surprise there. This beautiful pair of open toe heels is of a gorgeous rust colour with intricate art work done with rubies, diamonds and sapphires. First worn by Rita Hayworth for Shawshank Redemption, these heels are now the property of her daughter Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

Rita Hayworth Heels


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