10 Trending Minimalist Watches For Men

Trending Minimalist Watches For Men

A watch is so much more than just a contraption to check the time on. A watch is a now a fashion statement; it is the expression of your personality and it’s all about style. Most people seem to be inclining towards classic minimalist watches since 2014, which is not really surprising as minimalist watches suit all occasions and all types of clothing. With that in mind let us take a look at the most popular 10 minimalist men’s watches.

Nixon Anthem- $450

Nixon raised the bar for minimalist watches with this design. It comes across as sleek and tough at the same time. Beautifully designed with ceramic inlays, high polish stainless steel band and a rugged crown guard, this watch will catch anyone’s attention.

Nixon Anthem, $450

Uniform Wares M37- $400

A two hand watch from Uniform Wares’ M- Line design, this watch is simple yet sleek with fine lines and curves. The watch is equipped with a scratch resistant sapphire glass and is elegant enough to grace your wrist at all times irrespective of the occasion.

Uniform Wares M37, $400

Larsson and Jennings CM Black- $380

A minimalist Swiss made watch, this is watch cannot be called as anything but handsome. Larsson and Jennings CM or Chain Metal uses a directional black-on-black design, with black dial and gun grey indexes and hands. This is a serious man’s watch.

Larsson and Jennings CM Black, $380

Daniel Wellington’s Classic Oxford- $195

Available in rose gold or silver with an Oxford white dial and a blue and red NATO band, this watch is a beauty. Ideal for all occasions, it stands out on your wrist and is a classic from the house of Daniel Wellington.

Daniel Wellington’s Classic Oxford, $195

Daniel Wellington’s Classic Warwick- $195

This is another classic watch from the Daniel Wellington collection. This piece is inspired forces of nature- the sky, sea and the greenery around us. The blue and green coupled with an elegant classic dial makes this piece suitable for formal and special events.

Daniel Wellington’s Classic Warwick, $195

Ora Unica- $179

A simple black watch from Nava, this watch is perfect for people with a sense of humour to appreciate the white doodle. This timepiece is guaranteed to turn eyes.

Ora Unica, $179

5 O’clock Watch- $135

When it comes to the 5 O’clock watch, one word says it all- a classic. It is the perfect example for when less is more. This watch has a stainless steel body and genuine black leather straps.

5 O’clock Watch, $135

Witherspoon Navy Watch- $135

If black is not for you, and you are looking for a minimalist watch with some colour, this watch is for you. A gorgeous orange and blue watch, it works for everyone irrespective of the occasion.

Witherspoon Navy watch, $135

Deja Vu White- $130

What sets this watch from Project Watches apart is its unique hands. The white that travels in the wake of the hands makes the watch a piece of genius. If you are looking for something cool and creative, this watch comes highly recommended.

Deja Vu White, $130

Shore Projects St. Ives- £95

The piece takes after vintage watch designs with modern touches that make it perfect to the stand out and meet the challenges of the modern day. This is not a watch to be ignored.

Shore projects St. Ives, £95

Gone are the days of the oversized watches; less is more now. Get yourself a sleek everyday minimalist watch.

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