4 Of The Most Expensive Classic Cars In The World

4 Of The Most Expensive Classic Cars In The World

Cars these days are expensive, owing to the ways they’re made and the features they bring. A lot of heavy technology is implemented in construction and manufacture to ensure that a vehicle doesn’t disappoint its owner. While modest people own cars designed for maximum functionality, there are other aspects to an automobile which can push up its price. Here are two of them – speed and luxury. Another is rarity, which is why the following classic cars are all worth more than you’d sensibly pay for them. Unless you’re a really keen collector.

1962 Ferrari 250 LM – $6.9 million

From the maker of the world’s first mid-engine vehicles, this racing car was part of a limited series that number 32. Priced for being rare and typically beautiful, it’s also known for its powerful engine. The 1962 Ferrari 250 LM is famous for being driven in the races of the 60’s and 70’s. To put it’s value into context, one of these vehicles actually auctioned at a whopping $6.9 million.

1962 Ferrari 250 LM $6.9 million

1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM – $9.3 million

Made the same year as 250 LM, this is one of the rarest and fastest classic cars in existence. One of a kind, it was customized to suit the racing needs of its first owner. Couple the beautiful design with the hair-raising speeds it’s capable of achieving, and it’s not hard to imagine this beauty fetching $9.3 million on the sell.

1962 Ferrari 330 TRILM $9.3 million

1931 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Kellner – $10 million

A manufacturer of insanely fast cars, Bugatti has long been famous for the Veyron, which can actually hit supersonic speeds on a good road. But the company also has costly classic car models to its name, and the Bugatti type 41 Royale Kellner is one that most technicians would admire.With a powerful engine, it was also one of the most luxurious cars to have come out at the time. Only six exist, and one of them was sold for a lofty $10 million.

1931 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Kellner

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa – $12.1 million

I’m not biased towards Ferrari. The simple fact is that they made cars in the past century that are very much valued as classics. At $12.1 million, the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is considered the king of them all. As one that featured at many races and wins, this 22-car model is now, almost justifiably, worth $12.1 million.

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa