5 Luxurious Pet Weddings

5 Luxurious Pet Weddings
Weddings always bring happiness to everyone but what will you say when the ones to get married are not humans but animals. Nowadays, pet weddings are becoming very common across the globe and their owners take great pride in uniting their pets with their partners. For few of the lucky pets, their wedding ceremonies are extravagant and over-the-top affair in which huge money is spent on organising the wedding so that it looks a luxurious event.

Dogs Baby Hope Diamond And Chilly Pasternak – $250,000

This is the most expensive wedding that was registered in Guinness Book of World Records with total expenses of $250,000. It took place three years back on July 12, 2013 in NC’s Central Park in Jumeirah Essex House Hotel between Baby Hope Diamond, a Coton de Tulear and Chilly Pasternak, a poodle. Baby Hope’s owner, Wendy Diamond was an animal welfare activist and she organised this wedding as a fundraiser and for creating awareness for the Humane Society of New York. Around 250 guests attended this lavish wedding which included 50 canines. Overall, this glittering affair was the talk of the town for many days to come.
Dogs Baby Hope Diamond and Chilly Pasternak

Dogs Mugly And Lola – £20,000

This extraordinary wedding between the two dogs, Mugly and Lola took place on 7th April, 2011 in a beautiful mansion in Bradwell-on-Sea in Essex. £20,000 were spent on this lavish wedding where the bride Lola wore a very expensive dress that was adorned with 1,800 Swarovski crystals along with a classy pearl necklace. The groom Mugly was a Chinese crested dog who looked great on his D-day in tuxedo. The venue looked stunning as it was decorated with flowers, balloons and other decorations worth £4,000. Around 80 guests came to this event.
Dogs Mugly and Lola – £20,000

Cats Phet And Ploy – $17,000

The most expensive cat wedding between Phet and Ploy was held in September 1996 in Thailand. This extravagant ceremony between the Siamese Thai cats became the talk of the town when Phet’s owner, Wichan Jaratarcha spent $28,000 on the matrimonial celebration. The groom, Phet wore a pink tuxedo and came to the venue in Rolls Royce while the bride, Ploy in pink satin dress stunned everyone as she made her entry in a helicopter. 500 guests including many VIPs made their presence felt at the wedding of the diamond eyes couple. After this, they went on honeymoon in a cruise to have some quality time together.
Cats Phet and Ploy - $17,000

Dogs Alfie Levine And Twinkie Phillips – $2,500

The two dogs Alfie Levine and Twinkie Phillips tied the knot on Valentine’s Day this year (2015).  These puppies fell in love at first sight. So, it became obvious for their owners, Charlotte Levine (Alfie’s owner) and September Phillips (Twinkie’s owner) to get them married so that they can bring the sweethearts together. Many arrangements were made to make this ceremony a success as it included flowers, decorations, cake, a DJ party and much more. $2,500 were spent on this wedding. Though this wedding was not as expensive as the earlier ones but still the money spent was more than the usual amount of a pet wedding which is $150.

Dogs Alfie Levine and Twinkie Phillips - $2,500

 Dogs Sheena And Gethin – £500

This is a love-arranged wedding between the two dogs Sheena (German Spitz) and Gethin (a Pomeranian). They first met at a dog show where it was love at first sight as both dogs were fond of each other. Sheena’s owners, Sue Doherty and Robert Tyler & Gethin’s owner Sue Wilding planned this wedding for £500 where they spent this money on arrangement of the ceremony, cake, decorations, dresses, flowers and buffet. Guests list included both humans and canines where these dog guests enjoyed food mainly dog biscuits.
Dogs Sheena and Gethin - £500

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