5 Most Expensive Cupcakes in the World


If you thought that the cupcake is the cheapest confectionary then you are waiting for some rude shock. Priced at $150,000, the Rox Diamond Cupcake is no ordinary delicacy. Boasting of a diamond encrusted body, the glamorous cupcake is more of a jeweler’s creation than a confectioner’s baked dessert. To propose in style, go to Philadelphia where the Cupcakes Gourmet store offers the Sparkling red Velvet Cupcake topped with a $55,000 diamond ring. If you are hungry for more expensive cupcakes then there is the $30,000 Mervis Diamond Fantasy cupcake or the $1000 Golden Phoenix cupcake. To know more about the world’s most expensive cupcakes, visit the following link.

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