5 Most Expensive Necklaces in the World



Encrusted with precious jewels, the world’s most expensive necklaces are rare works of arts. With millions of dollars price tags, these exquisite jewelries are created for the world’s rich and the famous. Priced at $60 million dollar, L’Incomparable, designed by Mouawad, has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most expensive necklace. The necklace dazzles with 90 white diamonds and a 637-carat yellow diamond pendant. The $20 million Heart of the Ocean Diamond is a flawless piece of jewelry featuring a 15-carat blue diamond. The other expensive necklaces include the $14 million Heart of Kingdom Ruby and the $4.8 million Diamond Pendant Necklace. To know more about the world’s most expensive necklaces, visit the following link.

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