5 Most Expensive Penthouse In World

Most Expensive Penthouse In World

Food, Clothing and Shelter are known as the basic requirements for a human being in that order. Shelter or housing though a necessity is also a luxury for those who can afford it. While one set of people are struggling between mortgages and high rentals, the other set who are the super rich are looking for the most expensive investment that can be made. The trend that has become a vogue in the recent times especially among the super rich is invest in real estate and that too in the most expensive penthouse in the world. These expensive penthouses are not just in the countries like Europe and Americas but there are quite a few of them in Asian continent as well. World’s most expensive penthouses are located in major cities like New York and also in small places like Monaco, Singapore and Hong Kong among the other places.

Let Us Now Look At The Top 5 Expensive Apartments From Across The Globe:

Odeon Tower in Monaco

The world’s most expensive penthouse is in Odeon Tower in Monaco. This is also said to be the first skyscraper that was ever built in the world and that too in the 80s!! Interesting isn’t it? Well coming to the facilities in this penthouse – the built area of this place is about 33500 square feet and is spread across five floors. It has facilities such as billiards room, bar, library, movie room to name a few. It also boasts of an infinity pool and a water slide. People who own this place gets to see the most beautiful view of the city from their home. And the cost – it costs 440 million dollars.

Odeon Tower in Monaco

Hyde Park, London

The second most expensive penthouse in the world is in Hyde Park, London which is no surprise at all. It is called Penthouse D. The facilities available here are pretty impressive such as a swimming pool which is made of a 21 meter steel ozone, 24 hours concierge and not to mention the 24 by 7 security. The cost of this luxury penthouse is a whooping 237 million dollars.

Hyde Park, London

Ritz-Carlton , USA

The third most expensive penthouse is in the Big Apple of the United States – New York. This is the Ritz-Carlton penthouse which costs $118 million. It is located in two floors and offers amazing views of the city from its windows. The built area of this place is 12000 square feet. It has suites for guests and for the staff as well.

Ritz Carlton , USA

House No. 1, The Peak  Hong Kong

The next most expensive penthouse is in Hong Kong. This place is called House No. 1, The Peak. The total built area of 4661 square feet is small when compared to the other expensive places. It has a garden, swimming pool, terrace garden. The view from the house offers outstanding views of the Victoria Bay of Hong Kong. The cost of this fabulous place is 102 million dollars.

House No. 1, The Peak Hong Kong

CitySpire , USA

The fifth expensive penthouse is the CitySpire again in the Big Apple – New York. It has a built area of 8000 square feet and the cost is a hundred million dollars. The place is decorated in such a way that it reminds one of an old Roman Villa. The number of bedrooms in this penthouse is six. Yes it has an exclusive internal elevator as too!!

CitySpire , USA

The super rich purchase these homes to live and also for investment purpose. It has been noticed that penthouses in the small places are most used as holiday homes or weekend getaways by the rich.