5 Top Million Dollar Heels


Top 5 Million Dollar Heels

One thing a woman can never have enough apart from clothes is shoes! At any given time a woman will surely have a minimum of 20 pairs of shoes in her wardrobe. In fact it is often joked that the reason why she loves her heels is unlike the clothes size the shoes size never fluctuates. A well fitted heal is said to instantly lift up the mood and increase the confidence of a woman as it adds sexiness and grace. She feels she has suddenly become taller and thinner!!

Let Us Look At The Most Expensive Shoes In The World!!! Love The Very Thought Of That Don’t We!

Ruby Slippers By Harry Winston And Rita Hayworth Heels By Stuart Weitzman

The cost of both these brands is a whooping three million dollars. While Harry Winston’s heels are made of an unbelievable fifty carats of diamonds and a whooping 1350 carats of rubies, Stuart Weitzman’s heel are made up of diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Ruby Slippers by Harry Winston and Rita Hayworth Heels by Stuart Weitzman

Cinderella Slippers By Stuart Weitzman

The next most expensive heel is also from Stuart Weitzman again. It is made of Italian leather and the strap of this heel is encrusted with nearly 550 diamonds. It cost two million dollars.

Cinderella Slippers by Stuart Weitzman

Platinum Guild Stilettos

Again another creation by Stuart Weitzman which is no surprise at all. These Stilettos has a strappy design which contains 460 diamonds. These diamonds are Kwait diamonds and are shaped from round to pear. It cost about 1.9 million dollars.

Platinum Guild Stilettos

Ruby Stilettos From Stuart Weitzman

This ‘Wizard of Oz’ movie inspired heals is priced at dollars 1.6 million. It has a red satin sole and is encrusted with nearly 640 rubies which are oval is shape.

Ruby Stilettos from Stuart Weitzman

Marilyn Monroe By Stuart Weitzman

It is said that an earring worn once by Marilyn Monroe was the inspiration for Stuart Weitzman to make this shoe and hence this name. Here, the precious stones used were Swarovski crystals. The cost of this heel is one million dollars.

Marilyn Monroe by Stuart Weitzman

Millions of dollars worth heels is definitely something that needs to be kept in the locker and definitely not in the shoe rack. So, what say guys??