6 Most Expensive Condos in the World

Expensive Condos

In large populated cities where scarcity of space is a major problem, condominiums or apartment houses are the most popular choice for residence. However, affluent residents will not settle for anything less than a luxurious condo. The world’s ultra luxurious condos can easily rival the most luxurious mansions. Steeped in opulence, the expensive condos offer every conceivable item of luxury including a rooftop infinity swimming pool. The world’s most expensive condo is a $300 million La Belle Epoque apartment at Monte Carlo. Notwithstanding the extensive fire damage the apartment suffered in 1999, the apartment was bought by Emir Shiekh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktourn, the head of the royal family of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE in 2012 for the astronomical amount.

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