8 Most Expensive Fireplaces in the World



Fireplaces are beautifully crafted, architectural structures, which are designed to contain fires and keep the interiors of a room warm. They  have evolved over the years, from the most basic designs to masterpieces carved from stone and even glass. Fireplaces  can create a relaxing ambiance in any interior,  and they come in a variety of styles including open-brick fireplaces, wall mounted fireplaces, media console fireplaces and even table top fireplaces. Aesthetically designed fireplaces can become the focal point of a well designed room. Extravagantly designed fireplaces can vary in price from over six thousand dollars to over fifty thousand dollars.  To know more about the most expensive fireplaces in the world, visit the link below.

Bornrich – 8 Most Expensive Fireplaces in the World


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Lakshmi Unny Nair