8 Top Most Expensive Vintage Watches

Most Expensive Vintage Watches

The whole world is getting crazy for the vintage watches. They take you back to the golden era which is some decades in the past. Vintage watches have a very classic size and unforgettable looks making you fall in love with them. Their popularity over time has increased the interest of many collectors in spending their money on these timeless pieces.

Below You Can Find Top Vintage Watches Which Have Created A Special Niche Among Its Lovers:

Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle – $1.2million

One of the oldest and respectable watch makers in the industry has now ventured into the manufacturing of vintage watches with Tour de series. The company has an experience of more than two centuries in this watch business. Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle is priced at $1.2 million with credible tourbillion and unique two faces featuring a variety of compliactions.

Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle

Rolex Submariner – $199,000

People looking for some exclusive vintage watches should have a look at this iconic Rolex Submariner that costs $199,000. Famous Hollywood celebrity, Steve McQueen has tried his hands on this glorious timepiece. Stainless steel used for its bracelets gives the watch a very elegant and smooth look. You can divert the time on your side with its unique feature of self-winding.

Rolex Submariner

Jaeger- LeCoultre Memovox – $20,000

This elite vintage watch has been around for more than six decades now. Belonging to 1950’s era and costing $20,000, you can avail this high-class timepiece in two different modes: Manual & Automatic. It features very stylish and top quality centre dials which showcase its everlasting engineering.

Jaeger  LeCoultre Memovox

Cartier Tank – $9,500

This is one of the finest masterpieces ever produced in this industry that is priced at $9,500. The company witnessed huge success between 1910 and 1960 and it was the leader during this time span. There are only 100 pieces of Cartier tank manufactured every year, which makes it a limited edition watch. Featuring spectacular looks and seamless body, makes this exclusive watch appealing. The signature dial and steel hands add to its beauty.

Cartier Tank

IWC MKXI – $ 6,000

People having keen interest in aviation are sure to find IWC MKXI very attractive. Its classic design is a military number that dates back to 1940. It features diameter of 36mm and a very fine wound movement: calibre 89 movement. The anti-magnetic cage is another superb feature of its functionality.


Vacheron Constantin Vintage Chronometer Royal Watch – $5,400

This exquisite Vacheron Constantin Royal Watch is a wonderful timepiece that was built a long time ago in 1950’s. It costs $5,400 and comes with 18 carat solid gold case. It also boasts of a silver dial with golden numerals on it along with a gorgeous black crocodile strap. The manual winding movement is additional feature of this vintage watch.

Vacheron Constantin Vintage Chronometer Royal Watch

Heuer Bundeswehr Flyback Chronograph – $4,000

Holding a military look, this magnificent watch is priced at $4,000. Its stylish and fashionable black dial with rotating bezel has diameter of 40mm. The straps have a very graceful design and give smooth texture. The back of the case features some issue numbers. It specially attracts the pilots.

Heuer Bundeswehr Flyback Chronograph

Vintage Rolex Explorer – $3,700

This masterpiece belongs to 1970’s and pays distinctive tribute to that special man who made it to the top of Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary. Rolex Explorer is an impressive and understated piece that has luminous hour indicators on its stunning steel dial. It costs $3,700 and features unbeatable technical performance.

Vintage Rolex Explorer

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