Top 9 Most Expensive Comic Books In The World

Expensive Comic Books In The World

Who said only children are glued to comics? We all do. Don’t we? We simply love our comic characters be it the powerful Popeye and his cute wife Olive, An outstanding genius Tintin, handsome Archie and vivacious Veronica, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, the crazy family of Simpsons, or the super heroes of Marvel – Super man, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, the list just doesn’t seem to end! Comic books have always been part of our growing up years and even after that!

Will you believe that some comic books mean serious business than just entertaining? The comics industry is worth $870 million. And some comic books cost a fortune. Ready for the exciting ride through most popular and most expensive comic books in the world?

Here You Go : 

The Chart Topper Is-

Action Comics #1 – Debut Of World’s First Superhero, The Superman!

The original comic book was first published in 1939. One of the originals belonging to Nicholas Cage was sold in an auction for $ 2.16 million! The comic book brought to life the super hero and was sold for the highest price ever for a comic book.

Action Comics


Amazing Fantasy # 15 – Debut Of World’s Beloved Superhero, The Spider-man!

This comic book marked the debut of Spider-Man, the most loved among the kids and adults alike. It was first published in the year 1960 and was sold in an auction for $ 1.1 million. This is a story of a timid teenager Peter Parker, turning into an amazing Spider-Man. The world loved it.

Amazing Fantasy

Detective Comics #27 – Debut Of The Batman!

The first avatar of Batman saw light of the day in the year 1939. The original copy fetched $ 1 million in an auction. The story is about detective Batman’s first case in a chemical factory, where an industrialist was murdered.

Detective Comics

Batman #1 – Story Of Batman, How It All Started!

The story sets the stage for the legend of Batman comic, that was going to take the world by storm; where young Bruce’s parents were killed and he vows to take revenge. This comic book was auctioned for $ 5,67,625.


X Men #1 – Beginning Of An Era!

Wow X- Men! We don’t know a single person who isn’t captivated by the X Men team! We have Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, Ice Man, The Storm and super villain to match the super heroes Magneto! The comic book was auctioned for $ 4,92,937! The comic was first published in September 1963.

X Men

All American Comics #16 – The Arrival Of Green Lantern!

The marvellous Green Lantern, Alan Scott’s arrival is accidental but the legacy is unmatchable. The superhero mustered $ 4,78,000. The book was first published in 1939.

All American Comics

Flash Comics #1 – Debut Of Flash And The Hawkman!

Though not as pricey and famous as earlier superheroes, these heroes have their own fan following who is willing to shell out half a million! Yes, this comic was sold for $ 4,50,000. First publication was in the year 1940.

Flash Comics

Tales Of Suspense #39 – Welcome The Iron Man!

Behold the world! Iron man is born! The original copy of the comic book was auctioned for $ 3,75,000. The character Tony Stark is a weapon scientist and is our beloved Iron man. Interesting thing is that, this comic book initiated the movie trends of superheroes who were till then trapped in the books.

Tales of Suspense

Marvel Comics #1 – Here Comes The Human Torch!

One superhero after another, we have Human Torch debuting here auctioned for $3,50,000, who later starred in Fantastic Four and the Sub Mariner. This comic book was first published in the year 1939.

Marvel Comics