Most Expensive Hats In The World


Hats are easily one of the most versatile and fashionable items in any man or woman’s wardrobe. One of the most interesting parts about owning a hat is the degree to which it reflects your style. Celebrities often wear outrageous hats that are so expensive that they are well beyond the reach of an average person. Hats have always occupied a place of importance in human history.


There are a wide variety of hats from panamas to fedoras. Many hats take a long time to make. Others are ready to wear and sold as part of designer collections. Hats come in various shapes, sizes and colors.  Some hats are customized and exclusive to suit the needs of the buyers. This article covers the 10 most expensive hats in the world.

Expensive Hats In The World

Chapeau d’Armour: A Creation By Louis Marriette

This is undoubtedly the most expensive hat in the world. It is valued at an astounding $2.7 million. Celebrity designer and milliner Louis Mariette has created this astounding work of art. Chapeau d’armour means the hat of love in French. This hat is made of special woven platinum and it is covered with diamonds.

The design is inspired by flowers such as bluebells and ivy. Actress Alician Witt modeled this stunning hat at Christie’s in London. This hat is also encrusted with precious gemstones such as amethyst.  This hat is not for sale. It is a bespoke hat specially designed by couture designer Mariette.

Chapeau d’Armour A Creation By Louis Marriette

Deep Blue Sea: Valued At $890,000

At an auction held by Bonhams and Butterfield in San Francisco in the year 2010, this super costly hat was unveiled to an impressed audience. The Deep Blue Sea is the name given to this hat and it is currently said to be worth nearly $9 million. This hat results from a partnership between Australia’s famous milliner Ann Maree Willett and miners Peter as well as Vicki Drackett.

This hat is made of special Australian felt material and it is decorated with feathers. What makes this hat worth every penny that it costs is the 26 opals that adorn this hat. The opals were mined from an area in Australia known as Lightning Ridge which is famous for producing the finest gemstones. The opals have been specially carved by jewelers Roussel and L’Abbate for this hat.

The opals are set in sterling silver and 18 karat gold. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia and the Deep Blue Sea hat was inspired by Australia’s world famous Great Barrier Reef.

Deep Blue Sea Valued At $890,000

Big Wing Hat: Part Of The Honda Collection Of Caps

This hat costs $8,750. It is created by the Japanese automaker Honda. This baseball cap is made of special fiber that allows the skin to breath. It is also made of other materials such as PVC and plastic. It has adjustable fasteners of Velcro and it is made using sustainable and eco-friendly processes. This hat is part of Honda’s special collection of caps.

Big Wing Hat Part Of The Honda Collection Of Caps

Panama Straw Hat Created By Optimo

Optima Hats is a Chicago based company which sells amazing panama straw hats. Each of these hats costs an astounding $20,000. The hats are customized to suit the size and dimensions of the individual buyers. Each of these men’s hats is made using finely woven straw from Ecuador.

This straw hat is yellow and beige in color and it has a thin strip of colorful silk at the crown’s base. Optima Hats has two outlets in Chicago and the hats can be ordered at either of these.

Panama Straw Hat Created By Optimo

Bowler Hat Worn By Charlie Chaplin

This bowler hat was sold for an amazing $62,500. This hat was worn by famous actor Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin is known for his famous comic roles in silent movies that epitomized a humor which can never be replicated.

The late Chaplin was not only an actor, but he was also a screenplay writer and film director. He gave this hat to sculptor Katherine Keller in the 1930s. this hat was sold at an auction by Bonhams in the year 2012.

Bowler Hat Worn By Charlie Chaplin

Brent Black’s Outstanding Panama Hats:- Costing $25,000 And More

Brent Black is the founder of Panama Hat Company in the Pacific. He sells handcrafted panama hats from Montecristi in Ecuador. His hats cost anywhere between $25,000 to a record $100,000. Black offers this specialty hats at such high prices because they are specially created to be light as a feather. These panama hats are purchased by the rich and famous.

Each of these hats is handmade and this is ideal for those who want a true flavor of this Central American nation. A stunning feature of these hats is that each of them has up to over 2000 weaves for every square inch. It takes over 3 months to create one of these hats. But they are well worth the wait, according to satisfied customers.

Brent Black’s Outstanding Panama Hats Costing $25,000 And More

Philip Treacy Hat Worn And Auctioned By Princess Beatrice

This hat was sold at an auction for a sum of $133,783. Princess Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson wore this hat to the Royal wedding in 2011. The hat was then auctioned at Ebay. The hat fetched a record sum and the money was donated to noted children welfare organizations Children in Crisis and UNICEF.

This hat was worn by the royal princess during the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. It was designed by noted Irish milliner Phillip Treacy.

Philip Treacy Hat Worn And Auctioned By Princess Beatrice

Fedora Hat Worn By Michael Jackson For Billie Jean Performance

This hat was sold in 2013 to an anonymous bidder for $6,320. This fedora hat was worn by Michael Jackson for a live performance of the song Billie Jean at a television special in the year 2001. This black fedora hat was given by Jackson to his friend David Gest. The hat was sold as part of an auction of memorabilia belonging to the late pop singer at a Fieldings auction. This fedora hat is prized because of its association with the famous pop singer.

Fedora Hat Worn By Michael Jackson For Billie Jean Performance

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Mohawk Punk Couture Phillip Treacy Hat

This punk couture hat was specially created by famous milliner Phillip Treacy. His hats are very costly because they are stunning and stylish. This particular hat is a Mohawk style headdress which was worn by Hollywood star Sarah Jessica Parker.

This gold hat also has black feathers projecting from it. It was worn by Parker to the 2013 Met Gala in New York. She wore this hat with a designer gown. The hat is typical of Treacy’s emphasis on a bold and contemporary yet elegant look.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Mohawk Punk Couture Phillip Treacy Hat

Ann Demeulemeester’s Paille Hat

This hat is an exclusive creation of Ann Demeulemeester. It costs over $1,000. While this may not seem so expensive, consider the fact that most Dior and Armani hats cost lesser.

This oversized hat has a dramatic top and it is extremely edgy. The brim is about 14 inches. The hat is made in Belgium. This hat is made from a special blend of nylon and polyester.

Ann Demeulemeester’s Paille Hat


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