Most Expensive Islands In The World


Most Expensive Islands InThe World

Not many can deny having dreamed of owning a private island at some point. Everyone knows this is possible, and many harbor elaborate fantasies of what they’d do if they could have something like this. It’s not easy to own a piece of land on the ocean, so most of us make do with salivating at the best on the waters, so to speak. Here are some of the most expensive islands ever bought.

Hans Lolik Island, US Virgin Islands – $45 million

Located close to St.Thomas Island, this place has vast stretches of virgin beach, and affords a view of the ocean as well as neighboring islands. Travelers also have the option to go snorkeling or swimming in the waters.

Hans Lolik Island, US Virgin Islands - $45 million

Caye Chapel Island, Belize – $65 million

A small, privately owned isle in Belize, Caye Chapel lies to the north-northeast of Belize City, and the south of Caye Caulker. It was once owned by millionaire Isaiah Emmanuel Morter. Not fully developed yet, it nevertheless has golf courses, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, yachts, etc. There’s also an air-landing strip mainly for the effluent arrivals, and villas where guests can stay.

Caye Chapel Island, Belize - $65 million

James Island, Canada – $75 million

Back when Craig McCaw bought it in 1994, this island went for a whopping 19 billion. Later developed, it now holds a 5000 square foot huge mansion, besides other facilities. There are guest houses, golf courses, and swimming pools. It was put up for sale in 2012.

James Island, Canada - $75 million

Ronde Island, Grenada – $ 100 million

Located along the Caribbean Sea, this island offers the ultimate destination for tourists. It was the most expensive purchase for a long time, and justified considering the 2000 acres of beautiful land surrounded by water on all sides by water. Has plenty of natural caves to poke around in.

Ronde Island, Grenada - $ 100 million

Lisbon Island, Portugal – $310 million

Covering a total of 3000 acres and neighboring the city of Lisbon, Lisbon Island is one of those places with obvious potential for being made into a hotspot. Still under development, it has investors seeking to turn it into a functional resort before long.

Lisbon Island, Portugal - $310 million

Lanai Islands, Hawaii – $600 million

You would have guessed first spot would go to a place near Hawaii. The most expensive island purchased to date, it’s the perfect getaway from the perfect getaway. It has pineapple fields and greenery to be admired. And people, numbering around 3,000.

Lanai Islands, Hawaii - $600 million