Most Expensive Kitchen Appliances


Kitchen Appliances

The kitchens in multi-millionaire homes are adorned with the most expensive appliances. What about a $41,000 fridge? To accommodate this luxury gadget, you should have an oversized kitchen. Measuring over 8-foot wide and 7-foot tall, it is not only one of the priciest kitchen gadgets, but also one of the largest. For cooking, the uber rich homemaker will need an expensive stove, something similar to the $46,000 hand-crafted La Cornue stove. Other expensive gadgets for the world’s luxurious kitchens include $11,000 coffee spout, $16,000 wine cooler, $6,300 juicer and a $2223 mixer. And not to be missed the $8,800 faucet to enhance the appeal of the spacious kitchens of the super rich homes.

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