The 6 Most Expensive Car Keys In The World


While diamonds are girl’s best friends, men have easily picked cars. While car manufacturers are coming up with sleeker and better-equipped models of the known brands, car accessories are also climbing the cost curve. Of all such accessories, car keys are becoming equally luxurious and expensive.

The 6 Most Expensive Car Keys In The World

Diamond encrusted car keys, bound in expensive leather and with cutting-edge functions are quite popular. In this regard, here are the 6 most expensive car keys in the World

Most Expensive Car Keys In The World

Mercedes Benz Swarovski Crystal Key

If you are craving the ultimate Swarovski, treatment for your prized Mercedes, then you should definitely look at the new crystal studded key fob. The key is only constructed on a made-to-order and customizable basis. The entire length of the key is covered in genuine Swarovski crystals, available in a selection of pink, clear and black crystals. This jeweled key is available at a humble price of $515 along with a set of two standard keys as well.

Mercedes Benz Swarovski Crystal Key

Pagani Huyara Key – Horacio Pagani

Straight from the fertile mind of the renowned Italian car manufacturer, Horacio Pagani, the key to the new Pagani Huyara supercar is not your average car key. Structured out of the same metal used in making the car, the Pagani Huyara key is truly one of a kind. To add to its charm, the key is encased in a metallic covering in the shape of the supercar itself.

The covering splits into two. One half contains an embedded car key, while the other contains a USB flash drive. Set to make its debut in the United States at the end of 2013, the luxury super-car will cost approximately $1.1 Million. The not-so-ordinary car key will cost a whopping $3700.

Pagani Huyara Key - Horacio Pagani

Gumpert Apollo Key – Eng-I-Creation

What would it be like if you did not have to carry a physical key, but a fob that neatly fits into your pocket? Does that sound overreaching to you? Then maybe you will consider giving the Gumbert Apollo Key a second glance. This custom made key is made using the finest leather money can buy, along with gold and silver paneling.

The jewel-encrusted key can be folded into two sections and includes an integrated vehicle remote control. Compared to car model which empties millions of dollars on the event of a purchase, the sordid price of the key being a mere $7000 seems pretty paltry, doesn’t it?

Gumpert Apollo Key - Eng-I-Creation

Bentley Diamond Key – Alexander Amosu

As if driving a luxurious Bentley was not decadent enough, Alexander Amosu gives the average car lover another reason to swoon over. The Bentley diamond key is a rare and much sought after accessory, mostly due to its exclusivity and style.

The key fob contains over 100 diamonds spread across the gleaming surface in the traditional Bentley wing design, with a total weight of approximately 1.09 carats. For those who love to collect exclusive items such as this, this regal key will set you back by $7895.

Bentley Diamond Key - Alexander Amosu

Bejeweled Ferrari Key – House Of Camael

In a world of automatic keys and ignition by voice-recognition, it is heartening to see car-manufacturing companies still employing the use of the traditional key. Nevertheless, do not let its humble appeal fool you. In spite of the traditional countenance, the key comes encrusted with over 1100 diamonds weighing almost 7 carats in all.

That is not all – customers can personalize their key fob even further. The House of Camael lets their esteemed customers choose an array of precious stones and metals to construct a one-of-a-kind key. Of course, it comes for a humble price of $23,147!

Bejeweled Ferrari Key - House of Camael

Aston Martin AMVOX2 Chronograph – Jaeger Le Coultre

Here is a car key that is completely unlike anything we have ever seen. With a concept straight out of a hardcore tech-flick or a James Bond movie, the stunning AMVOX2 Chronograph is watch that simultaneously acts as a car key for your Aston Martin. The stunning sapphire surface contains numerous features other than telling the time. We have the legendary watchmakers at Jaeger Le Coultre to thank for this.

The crystalline surface is responsive to touch. When gently pressed, the watch-key acts as a stopwatch. Pressing the area on the watch dial between 8 and 9 unlocks the door and 3 and 4 consequently locks it. You can simultaneously press both areas to let the headlights flare up briefly, to help you locate your prized vehicle in a busy lot. These dynamic features are available for a price tag of $34,000.

Aston Martin AMVOX2 Chronograph - Jaeger Le Coultre

Luxurious living does not come cheap and these prized car keys prove just that. Thus, while the rich and famous collect their gems, the rest of us can only afford to stay in awe of such marvelous creations.