Top 10 Expensive Haunted Houses In America

Top 10 Expensive Haunted Houses In America

Top 10 Expensive Haunted Houses In America

Feeling scary while reading about haunted houses? Gone were the days when talking about haunted places was almost forbidden. Now, there are studies and research conducted on paranormal activities which is even shown on television. Haunted houses are not only in news because of the scary part but also for being expensive. They can be mansions, castles or simply houses. If you are interested in knowing about the most popular haunted houses and the stories behind them, then scroll down.

Here Is A List Of Top 10 Expensive Haunted Houses:

Franklin Castle, Cost: $260,000

In 2011, the selling price of this house was $260,000. Constructed in 1865 in Cleveland, Ohio, this house was owned by a rich banker. Many people died in this house under mysterious circumstances, the reason for which is unknown. There have also been instances of fire and some legal issues. Right now, the owner is planning to convert the house into bed and breakfast. Beware: you will surely hear scary sounds during your stay.

Franklin Castle

Kimball Castle, Cost: $879,999

Located in Gilford, New Hampshire, Kimball Castle is a famous and expensive haunted house in USA. This castle spreads over 23 acres and comprises of five bedrooms and three bathrooms. Benjamin Kimball constructed it in 1897 after getting inspired from a castle in Germany. The entire construction resulted in an expenditure of $50,000 which equals $1.2 million these days. People who have stayed in this house tell the stories of how the doors would open on their own. Also, they have heard horses neighing from the stable.

Kimball Castle

Amityville House, Cost: $1.15 Million

This house in New York is very popular among movie makers and writers who want to talk about paranormal activities. In 1974, a person named Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his family members while they were sleeping. After a year, the Lutz family came to stay in the house but left within a month as they were scared by offensive smells, doors slamming and furniture moving.

Amityville House

The Surgeon’s House, Cost: $1.2 Million

Located in Arizona, this house was built in 1916. It was named ‘The Surgeon’s House’ as its original owner was a surgeon. In the year 1992, it was converted into bed and breakfast. Since then, many people have seen spirits of a maid, a dancing couple and someone walking into a bedroom holding a bag of a doctor.

The Surgeon’s House

Lalaurie House, Cost: $2.3 Million

Lalaurie house has a scary story behind being haunted. This house was bought by a couple in 1831. They used to treat their slaves very badly. One day, a fire broke and many slaves were killed in it. People have stated that they have heard screams, weird sounds and also seen a ghost walking in the balcony. This house was also owned by Nicholas Cage once. Out of the entire list, this house is believed to be the most scariest.

Lalaurie House

Britannia Manor II, Cost: $4.1 Million

Built in 1987 in Austin, Texas, this house is one of the most costly haunted houses in America. It is also very popular as in 2007, an HGTV was filmed here. Though not many paranormal stories have been heard about this house but it is a favorite place among many people for having haunted fun and organizing Halloween parties. Be careful when you visit this place as your never know when you come across a ghost.

Britannia Manor II

Ennis House, Cost $4.5 Million

Located in Los Angeles, California, many horror movies and science fictions have been filmed here. Designed with an exclusive Mayan architecture, this house has an exterior of concrete blocks which gives it a mysterious look.

Ennis House

The White House, Cost: $110 Million

A name in itself, The White House located in Washington D.C, is famous for many paranormal stories. It is popular for the ghost of Abigial Adams, wife of former President John Adams. It is also rumored that the ghost of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson has also been seen here.

The White House

Winchester Mystery House

Located in San Jose, California, this house is known for its mesmerizing Victorian architecture. With more than 160 rooms, the ambiance of this house is very creepy. The architectural design includes secret passageways and hallways similar to labyrinth. Many people believe that a séance room is constructed here especially for the ghosts. Do not visit this place alone as it will scare the hell out of you.

Winchester Mystery House

The Cassadaga Hotel

Located in Cassadaga, Florida, this hotel is known for spiritual community and paranormal activities. The older cottages, surrounding the hotel, are usually occupied by spiritualists and psychics. It is said that many spirits are living in this hotel whose presence is felt by people. Be sure to experience paranormal activities if you are planning to stay in this hotel.

The Cassadaga Hotel

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