Top 10 Expensive Rapper Jewelry

Expensive Rapper Jewelry

The best way to show off your richness is by flaunting some amazing accessories. These days, the world is going crazy over rap music and some of the rappers have gained a lot of popularity among their fans. They make a huge amount of money with which they can buy expensive houses, yachts and cars. However, many rappers have spent a lot of dollars on unique jewelry items especially customized for them.

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Waka Flocka Flame’s Chain, Value: $120,000

Waka Flocka Flame has given two amazing singles: ‘Hard in da Paint’ and ‘No Hands’. Both these numbers were super hit and loved by people. Waka has spent lakhs of dollars on his fozzie bear chain which is made of diamond and gold. He loves to carry this unique piece around his neck. He is so inspired from Fozzie Bear that he has named himself ‘Waka’ after the popular catch phrase of Fozzie Bear i.e ‘Waka Waka’.

Waka Flocka Flame’s Chain, Value

Jay Z’s Chain, Value: $200,000

Jay Z has a very stylish and classy style which is also reflected in the jewelry he wears. His impressive gold chain weighs 11 pounds. This unique creation of Rafaello & Co has a very different design which is appreciated by many people. Rafaello and Co is known for designing jewelry only for the elite class. As Jay Z is a very popular and rich rapper, this expensive chain is apt for him.

Jay Z’s Chain, Value

Kanye West’s Chain, Value: $300,000

Kanye West is a successful rapper with a well-settled music career. He has proved his talent by going solo and recording his songs on his own. Known for carrying a unique style, his horus head chain is in news. It is designed by the famous jeweler, Jacob and costs $300,000.

Kanye West’s Chain, Value

2 Chainz’ Chain, Value: $350,000

Tauheed Epps, also known as 2 Chainz, is known for his exclusive rap music. Very popular in Georgia, he made his mark across the world after 2012 with his album ‘Based on a T.R.U Story’. He is one of the richest rappers in the world with an approximate net worth of $6 million. Therefore, spending $350,000 on his chain was no big deal for him.

2 Chainz’ Chain, Value

T-Pain Big Ass Chain, Value: $410,000

Faheem Rashad Najm, also known as T-Pain, is one of the youngest artists in the world who has got success at an early stage of life. His first success came at the age of 19. And now at the age of 29, he is rich and famous. Made with white gold and beautiful diamonds worth 197 carats, his ‘Big Ass Chain’ is stylish and very expensive. This chain has a very big size and looks heavy but T-Pain still loves wearing it around his neck.

T-Pain Big Ass Chain, Value

Soulja Boy’s Chain, Value: $500,000

At the age of 17, Soulja Boy’s first album ‘Crank Dat’ became a huge hit. With a talented personality, he is also an actor and a designer. His chain has a shape of a globe with ‘The World is Yours’ written in its center. Made of white diamonds, his expensive chain conveys a unique message.

Soulja Boy’s Chain, Value

Lil Jon’s Chain, Value: $500,000

Also known as Jonathan Smith, Lil Jon is a famous DJ, producer and rapper. His look gives you an idea about his love for jewelry. With platinum teeth, expensive rings and gold watches, we can say that he wears gold from his head to toe. Designed by Jason, his chain has won the Guinness Book of World Records, having the biggest diamond pendant across the world. It looks luxurious with 18-carat yellow and white gold having 73 diamond carats. With 7.5 inches in length, the chain has a weight of 5.11 pounds.

Lil Jon’s Chain, Value

Mike Jones’ Chain, Value: $1,000,000

Being a popular entrepreneur, actor and rapper, Mike Jones has enough money which can feed his generations. His expensive chain is full of diamonds and has a stylish design. Unfortunately, it was stolen by a very close friend of Mike. But there was not much loss as the chain was insured.

Mike Jones’ Chain, Value

Pharrell Williams’ Chain, Value: $1,ooo,ooo

A successful singer, rapper, fashion designer and record producer, Pharrell still looks young as ever. Designed by Jacob, his chain is encrusted with precious stones and gives a very stylish look. Though Pharrell doesn’t wear the chain much now, but it is still a part of his collection.

Pharrell Williams’ Chain, Value

Rick Ross’ Chain, Value: $1.5 million

Known for his style and charm, Rick Ross owns a music studio. His chain has a very unique concept which is loved by his fans. It is made of gold having a small version of himself and has a worth of $1.5 million. His other chains are also very famous but this one has gained a lot of popularity.

Rick Ross’ Chain, Value

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