Top 10 Expensive Websites Sold In The World

Top 10 Expensive Websites Sold In The World

Technology has taken a front seat in the past decade and has definitely become one of the most common grounds for not only socializing but also for networking, marketing and selling and buying products. No doubt, technology has made life much easier for people as well as given them a convenient approach to a lot of situations. It has also opened up a whole new range of business opportunities and options for people who love to do something out of the box! With internet as a basic and common facility in most of the homes, made possible through techniques like Wi-Fi more and more people are getting tech savvy and using computers and laptops. One of the most common ways to achieve your goals online where marketing is concerned is to create a website.

Top 10 Expensive Websites Sold In The World

There have been ideas evolving from time to time and there have been ones that were ground breaking and exclusive enough for a lot of capitalists around the globe. To get a knack of the most expensive websites that were sold in the world, this guide will help you out. Check these well, to broaden your horizons and to understand the significant role of websites and domains in today’s era.

Well again, as the name reflects it was a domain name that was desired by most of the people who wanted to do something to offer business opportunities to people. However, this was finally bought in 1999 with a price tag of $ 7,500,000 and is known to be one of the most expensive websites ever sold. It is a simple search engine for finding business related information and options. It also offers extensive advertisement programs for new and developed businesses.

Toys R Us is the globally renowned company that bought the domain and website in the year 2009 at the price of $ 5.1 million making it one of the priciest websites to be sold till date. A lot of money was put into the transaction to finally give it to the world’s best toys retailer for kids. It might not be an amount comparable to others mentioned here but is surely an expensive deal to be remembered. is the most expensive in this list and was sold at the whooping rate of $ 16 million to QuinStreet in the year 2009. It is supposedly the costliest website sold till date and therefore it has all the rights to take the centre stage in this guide. The domain was quite in demand and as the name suggests is an insurance domain for the company who owns it today.

Porn videos and adult entertainment and dating sites are a very much common phenomena and visited by all. In the year 2007, was one website that was sold to another owner at $ 9.5 million and this makes it an expensive buy for sure. It is one of the demanded aspects around the globe and therefore worth the buy.

SEO also known as search engine optimization is one of the best ways in which digital marketing is possible. It makes you effectively reach out to people with your business. It is supposed to be one of the top keywords to be searched on Google and therefore the domain and website holds a lot of importance. It was sold in $ 5 million which makes it a part of this list and something worth remembering.


Diamonds are undoubtedly a girl’s best friend and one that they are crazily in love with. In such a scenario, a website with the domain name has to hold a lot of importance. It was in 2006 that the website was sold to the owner of in $ 7.5 million. This truly gives diamonds its due importance and makes it worth being a part of this guide.

Gary Kremen, who was the owner of the website until 2006, sold this domain and website for an extravagant rate of $ 14 million. This makes this website as a truly deserving option in this list and one that caught attention of a lot of people. It was an era of advancement in the year 2006 where domains such as this one were very much in demand. As the name suggests, it is an adult entertainment website and one that calls for a lot of traffic. This was solely because of the high demands for such common domain names.

It was a hefty amount of 35 million dollars in which this website was sold in the year 2007. Brian Sharples is the new owner of this well known website and the price tag makes it one of the most expensive ones to be sold in the history of technology. The main reason for the owner was to avoid Expedia to buy it.

It was recently in the year 2012 when was sold to a new owner at an extremely heavy price of $ 30.18 million. This makes it one of the top most expensive websites that were sold in the past and till date. One has to understand that the importance of the domain came from the price that it was finally sold at.

There are innumerable people around the globe who are crazy after gambling and what better options do you get apart from the best casinos. This makes the domain name an all time favorite. This website was sold in the year 2003 at a hefty price of $ 5.5 million and is one of the most expensive deals of websites till date. One can also include in this list which was sold at the same price in the year 2010. This gives you an idea of how important such websites are.

These are some of the top notch expensive websites that you can check out. These have left a new mark on the tech front and have given it a significant position in the market. It has also increased the importance of websites and such common domain names that a lot of high end companies look for. Money is the only factor that one needs to look into to buy such websites.