Top 10 Most Expensive Currencies Of The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Currencies Of The World

Currencies get exchanged everywhere when we are on a travel to any foreign destination and the exchange rates apply on each and every note we get to exchange. For the knowledge of travelers and everyone in general we have accumulated a list of top 10 most precious, high-value currencies that are exchanged today.

Top 10 Most Expensive Currencies Of The World

Below you can make an overview of expensive currencies in terms of value they keep.

Kuwaiti Dinar (1 KWD is worth 3.51 USD)

It’s a country which is smaller than even New Jersey but is a place whose currency is the most precious in the whole world. It’s is more valuable than US Dollar and now there is going to be a cartel of five prominent Arab countries who will join to create a single currency, applicable for all the participating countries.

Kuwaiti Dinar

Bahrain Dinar (1 BHD is worth 2.55 USD)

It’s a tiny island country only marginally smaller about 2/3rd of Washington, D.C and is a hub of petroleum production and distribution. Its exchange rate is pegged at $2.65 in comparison to US dollar, and thus it is at the top in terms of its worth when you gotta exchange it for US dollars, or any other currency.

Bahrain Dinar (1 BHD is worth 2.55 USD)

Omani Rial (1 OMR is worth 2.60 USD)

It’s a Arab country located in the east coast of Africa and the exchange rate set for it against US dollar is $2.60, and this has been it for the last 25 years, so you can very well imagine how valuable this currency is.

Omani Rial

Latvian Lats (1 LVL is worth 1.88 USD)

You can get dollars 1.88 in American currency for 1 LVL which means that it is more expensive than even US currency and Lat has been discontinued by West Virginia as its official currency from year 2012.

Latvian Lats

UK Pound Sterling (1 GBP is worth 1.53 US Dollars)

It’s is a very valuable currency and many UK citizens take benefit of the currency of their country by exchanging it with US dollars and travel to countries all over the world because US dollar is accepted everywhere.

UK Pound Sterling

Jordanian Dinar (1 JOD is worth 1.41 USD)

Jordan has lack of water and electricity but is can boast a strong currency more expensive than many currencies of the world. In 1946 the country got independent and created its own currency called Jordanian Dinar and the rest is history.

Jordanian Dinar

European Euro ( 1 EUR is worth 1.32 USD)

It first came into operation in year 1996 but actively started getting exchanged in 2001, and from then on it has started gaining in value and never looked back, and today it commands 1.32 USD for every one Euro.

European Euro

Azerbaijan Manat (1 Manat is worth 1.27421 US dollars)

Azerbaijan is member of International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, and many other big financial organizations. It has a very strong financial and banking system in place which includes a resilient Central Bank and also has various commercial banks.

Azerbaijan Manat

Cayman Islands Dollar (1 KYD is worth 1.22 US dollars)

There is no direct taxation instrument in Cayman islands and it has a well-developed network of banks, insurance companies, mutual funds. It’s having a better currency exchange value from US dollar.

Cayman Islands Dollar

Switzerland Franc ( 1 Franc is worth 1.07 US Dollars)

Switzerland is today a robust economy and has gone high tech and is now considered one of the countries having a lot of wealth, assets, and value. It’s is a big exporter and its currency is above that of US Dollars, thus is in the list of most expensive currencies.

Switzerland Franc

You might have got a close overview of major currencies of the world from the above excerpt and now you can talk about your great knowledge on big, expensive currencies used in the world.


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