World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Ski Resorts

Most Expensive Ski Resorts

With the arrival of winters and vacations ahead, people have started planning for their future activities. Those who are interested in skiing have already chosen their slopes where they can enjoy their favourite winter pastime. In case, budget in not the constraint then there are many expensive ski resorts around the world that offer top class services and amenities. They are very luxurious and lavish providing high-end experience to their customers.

Take A Glance At The Top 10 Expensive Ski Resorts Around The World:

Les Suites de la Potiniere – $1958 Per Night

The most exclusive ski resort in the world is located in Courchevel in France. This 5 star resort offers luxurious suites to its customers with top class services at its restaurant and spa. The guests enjoy premium amenities in their large suites and prefer the ones located at the top level because one can see best views of France from there. Best time to go there is in March as you can ski on the beautiful mountains with sun shining over them.

Les Suites de la Potiniere

Aurelio Lech Ski Resort – $1423 Per Night

Located in Austria, Aurelio resort offers the best experience to its wealthy customers making it second most expensive resort worldwide. Everything about this ski resort makes it stand out from rest, be its luxurious suites & services, high quality dining experience, skiing and adventure. The famous skiing spot here is Lech Arlberg where you can find all the high class visitors whizzing down the slope.

Aurelio Lech Ski Resort

Carlton Hotel – $1,256 Per Night

This world class resort has everything that you need to get the most out of your snow time. Located in Switzerland, it provides mesmeric views of areas Upper Engadine and St. Moritz Lake. For more than 100 years, this exclusive resort has served its rich guests with premium services that includes deluxe accommodation, a full spa, heated pool and other lavish amenities. Recently, it was renovated to preserve its exquisite beauty.

Carlton Hotel

Almhof Schneider Resort – $1,185 Per Night

Your stay in Almhof Schneider resort located in Austria is definitely worth the cost as it is one of the finest ski resorts in the world. First time customers have to pay their bills in cash so be prepared to carry the whole amount with you. The staff gives a warm welcome to all their clients and ensures that they enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lodging. They have trainers for beginners in skiing who guide them completely to have a wonderful experience in groomed slopes framed by snow.

Almhof Schneider Resort

Suvretta House Resort – $1,121 Per Night

This Swiss resort located in St. Moritz offers picturesque view from its rooms which completely mesmerises its customers. Despite being a bit smaller resort when compared to others in the list, it offers incredible experience to people staying there. You can feast on world class splendid cuisines and beginners can also have their skiing lessons.

Suvretta House Resort

St. Regis Deer Valley Ski Resort – $1,037 Per Night

This award winning resort is located in Park City, America. Best known for its top of the line drinks & meals and luxurious rooms, this resort is the first choice of many wealthy people. The ski slopes in this area are quite adventurous due to which it attracts United States Olympians to take their training here. You can also opt for playing golf here as there are many courses nearby.

St. Regis Deer Valley Ski Resort

The Hotel Gasthof Post – $1,012 Per Night

This hotel is a must go place if you have any plans of skiing in Austria. It features comfortable accommodation, stylish suites, relaxing spa facilities and an outdoor pool during the summer season. Excellent fresh cuisines prepared by the chefs belonging to different parts of the globe are mouth-watering. Norwegian Royalty and Princess Diana have been the guests of this five star resort in the past.

The Hotel Gasthof Post

The Little Nell Resort – $1,002 Per Night

This 5 star resort provides you a perfect view over the mountains in Aspen, Colorado. It is well-known for its world-class comfort and sophisticated suites coupled with personal attention to all the guests. You can visit this place at any time of the year as snow never melts here. A gondola ride is also available for the visitors in summer months allowing them to go to ski hill and enjoy the stunning mountain views.

The Little Nell Resort

St. Regis – $900 Per Night

This deluxe resort is located in United States and offers best services to its guests including business travellers. Spa facilities in this resort ensure that guests are fully relaxed during their stay. The staff of the hotel gives you a warm welcome and help you in every way possible. In order to enjoy skiing here, you must make your bookings in advance.

St. Regis

Le Chabichou – $837 Per Night

Known for its exclusive beauty and elegant features, this resort is located in France. It is very popular among the couples and families who prefer to spend their vacations here and enjoy skiing to fullest. The Alpine slopes outside the resort give you a perfect view and friendly atmosphere. There are two restaurants in the resort that ensure fine dining experience. A must visit place In Europe.

Le Chabichou

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