Top 10 Priciest Cars Owned by Divas


Priciest Cars Owned by Divas

We know divas usually love to flaunt their clothes and accessories. But cars? Of late, quite a few divas seem to have switched their fancies to high end vehicles which they tend to choose according to their personality. The cars these divas choose to drive around in help describe the owner as being luxurious, ostentatious, sporty, down to earth or even eco-friendly. We also seemed to notice that unlike men, these divas did not buy a car with the intent of switching it for another, newer model that moment it hits the market. Rather, the cars these divas choose are pricey and would last for years. So without further ado, here are the top 10 priciest cars owned by our divas.

Therichest – Top 10 Priciest Cars Owned by Divas