Top 5 Cars The Richest Americans Are Buying

Cars The Richest Americans Are Buying

Car enthusiasts share a special bond with their vehicle as it is not only a means of transportation for them but a reward which gives them peace of mind and self-confidence. Expensive and high-end cars often depict one’s taste and style. Affluent car buyers around the globe prefer luxurious vehicles that are highly expensive and suit their personality. But according to the recent reports in America, the richest are not going for the most obvious choices like Lamborghinis or Ferraris, instead they prefer to drive in those luxury cars that are associated with middle-income buyers.

Have A Look At What The Richest Americans Are Driving:

Tesla Model S – $71,070

Tesla Model S is the most popular all-electric car among the wealthiest Americans that has a starting price of $71,070. There was a surprise sale of over 12,000 models of this car in eight most expensive zip codes in US. The car gives a major competition to its peers on account of its premier design, high performance, lavish looks and eco-friendly features. It is equipped with 60kWh battery pack that allows the vehicle to cover 200 miles in one charge. The company has added many innovative features like seven speaker stereo system and dual-zone climate control in this design to promote it among audience.

Tesla Model S

Mercedes Benz E-Class – $51,905

This executive class vehicle is a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, elegant looks and blistering power that is priced at $51,905. The German manufacturer has done complete justice to this model by loading it with technological and performance enhancements. Wealthy US citizens opt for this classy design as it doesn’t hold much of attention. They generally gift to lucky teens in their 20’s as it’s a super car that is worth every penny. There is a sharp increase in its sales in the recent times.

Mercedes Benz E Class

BMW 3 Series – $33,475

This luxurious car is the first choice of wealthy retirees residing in Florida and Coral Gables. With starting price of $33,475, BMW 3 Series has gained so much popularity among the Americans that more than 75,000 units of this car were sold in the country in less than nine months. This highly exclusive vehicle featuring elegant & sleek design witnessed 15% increase in the sales when compared to last year.

BMW 3 Series

Jeep Grand Cherokee – $28,690

This jeep is very much in demand among the affluent Americans since the company made some changes in this model giving it a sleek look. The sales of this sporty SUV have risen in the past in the areas of Newport Beach, Calif. The wealthy folks living here feel that this vehicle is perfect for them as it is sufficiently roomy for their families giving them a luxurious experience. It has stylish and modern interior which is very appealing. The rugged body due to which one can handle this vehicle on-road makes it one of the top choices among rich.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ford F Series – $25,065

This is a very popular car among the rich buyers of America staying in places where it snows more than 4 months. Featuring high-strength aluminium body and classy looks, this star vehicle is a very sturdy and tough Ford series. It is a modern utility series that runs very smoothly on roads. Rich find it a very safe automobile that gives a good ride and worthy experience that they can remember in times to come. There has been a surprising increase in the sales of both Ford F Series models, F-150 and F-250 in Aspen’s most expensive zip code.

Ford F Series

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